T Jae is an exceptional talent of immense depth and inspiration. His contagious personality motivates, encourages and uplifts.
A seasoned backing vocalist with a deep love and passion for singing. His superb vocal abilities are frequently called on by new and established artists for both live and studio work. His discography credits include singing on one of the UK top selling single’s of 2017 as well as recording with the likes of Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Tori Kelly, Ellie Goulding, Blur, Tom Jones, Kasabian, Gorillaz, Donnie McClurkin and many more.


His skills as Choir Director and frontman of The London Community Gospel choir for over 15 years gained him a great platform to showcase his immense talent and amiable personality.
T Jae has also founded and still runs several community choirs throughout the UK and regularly works with local schools and community hubs performing amazing workshops for people of all ages and abilities.

When he’s not recording in the studio and working with top uk music agencies looking for singers to be used for their projects. He is also the founder and leader of Powerhouse Gospel Choir, a group of top UK session singers and experienced gospel veterans with a passion for singing and showcasing their love of gospel music.
His honest, silky, soul-stirring, rich textured vocal tone transports you through time and always amazes. This has made him a much sought-after vocalist and vocal technician. He has been on the road with numerous celebrities including Blur, Florence & The Machine and Soulsavers and has also sung on numerous high profile album recording’s including Sam Smith, Frank Ocean, Madonna, Spiritualized, Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran, Tokio Myer, and Gorillaz to name a few.
As an established vocal and performance coach T Jae works closely with music industry professionals and agents to transform the performance of their soloists, groups, choirs and bands; leaving them feeling empowered and vocally energized after every session.
Having earned a solid reputation for his pursuit of excellence, reliability, professionalism, his amiable personality and unique ability to bring out the best in people; T Jae Cole will always leave you stirred, enthused and wanting more.

T Jae established Powerhouse Gospel Choir in 2016 when he discovered many singing friend no longer had a platform to sing gospel. The choir now consists of some of the most seasoned gospel singers in the UK that have worked with some of the worlds greatest artists throughout their career and sing with Powerhouse purely for the love of it.
Powerhouse singers performed in December 2018 at the Barbican Centre, London with the world renowned London Symphony Orchestra and have some amazing theatre shows touring the UK and have sell out shows at some great venues in London.
As a consequence T Jae Cole has now made history as one of the few men of colour to be conducting the LSO orchestra and community choirs on their podium. A proud moment for us all.


T Jae also spends time providing vocal training of the highest quality, paying particular attention to individual outcomes. His mission is to provide the best coaching service in a timely manner and cater for each client’s specific needs to ensure excellence.
T Jae is known for running the best singing workshops from small groups, choirs and even team building sessions for corporate business.
He is also a member of the British Voice Association and keeps up to date with their training and innovating vocal techniques.
He ALWAYS delivers and guarantees the best results.

T Jae Cole started out working with BIG Sing as a choir tutor in 2012 which is an amazing family of community choirs and then founded WE CAN Sing UK in May 2016. WE CAN Sing UK now has over 200 members from all different walks of life who want to discover their voice in a stress-free, positive and healthy environment.
WE CAN Sing UK aims to inspire communities to unite as one voice through music and song. It encourages members to break down personal inhibitions, sings great songs, and guarantees fun in all the community choirs.
We offer a safe, fun and empowering learning environment for everyone that attends.